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Are You Diabetic? You Need This Diabetic Diets

Diabetic Diets

Recent statistics indicate that approximately 16,000,000 people in America currently have diabetes and should be on a diabetic diets. Alarming isn’t it? There’s more though ... much more. This article is just a small introduction into a diabetes diet. Hope it is enjoyable.

Another 16,000,000 Americans will develop type 2 diabetes with in 10 years! These are REPORTED cases of diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association (2004) approximately 1/3 of America’s adults has diabetes and don’t even know it. The pre-diabetes adults (elevated blood sugar and borderline diabetics) and diabetics have an increased risk of heart disease. Our population steadily gaining weight – we have an epidemic of diabetes and obesity. We need to consider a diabetic diets.

All is not gloom and doom. If we are willing to make a few diet and exercise changes we may save our lives. In fact the diabetic diets along with the exercise can decrease your risk by 58 percent! The diabetic diets can help you lose 5% - 7% of your body weight, thus reducing the risk. The diabetic diets AND exercise can be more effective the medication.

There is no quick fix. Results may not be noticeable until you’ve been on the diabetic diets and exercise for 6 months or more. Here are some suggestions for the diabetic diets plan.

The diabetic diets plan for your meals will help set the goals for fat and caloric intake. The diabetic meal plan has only about 1,300 calories each day. Roughly forty five percent is from carbohydrates, about 31 from protein and the rest form fat. Each individual will modify the diabetic diets to meet their goal.

The diabetic diets should contain legumes (Food from pods such as alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils, lupines and peanuts). These are high fiber, low cholesterol, and slow digesting (meaning the full feeling lasts longer). This diabetic diets will help you enjoy legumes by adding chick peas, garbanzo beans and black beans.

Each meal of this diabetic diets will help the diabetic pay more attention to the portions consumed. Foods are measured out at the beginning of each day, for that day. This will help create a routine stay in practice.

The diabetic diets plan will teach the diabetic that it IS okay to snack. How cool is that? Choosing snacks wisely can even help the diabetic lose weight! Why? How? Here’s more!

Eating small meals every few hours will keep away that hungry feeling. That hungry feeling makes one tend to overeat. Eating every three to four hours keep that hunger away by keeping food in the stomach all the time.

The snacks in the diabetic diets are grouped into categories. Some of the “milk snacks” are skim milk, soy milk, or yogurt. Some protein snacks in the diabetic diets plan are a hard-boiled egg, a quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese or a reduce fat string cheese, and about a quarter cup of nuts (mixed is fine).

On the fruit list are a medium-size piece of fresh fruit, about a ½ a cup of cut up fruit, and about a quarter cup of dried fruit. Dried is my preferred type. What a CONCENTRATED FLAVOR you will get!

Combinations are of course, just like it says. Mix and match a measured portion of protein with a correct portion of fruit. Example: 1 cup yogurt with ½ cup of chopped pears.

Additionally a diabetic diets should contain:

• Monounsaturated fats in moderation. Use Olive oil and/or canola oil in place of butter.
• Eat high-fiber foods (vegetables, brown rice, etc).
• Eat fish about twice a week.
• Eat yogurt and canned fruit that is low in sugar.

These are just a few suggestions for a diabetic diets. I thank you for your time and for reading this diabetic diets article. Remember always consult your primary medical care provider before changing diet.

By: Keith Standifer

Diabetic Diets

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