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Renal Diabetic Diets

Diabetic Diets

Diabetes is a medical condition whereby the human body produces an insufficient amount of insulin. Insulin is a natural hormone produced in the body. It is responsible for converting sugar, starch and other food material into energy. Renal diabetes is a type of diabetes, which occurs due to a low-sugar threshold in the kidneys. Diabetic patients have to take special care about their food habits. Doctors typically prescribe a special renal diabetic diet for a diabetic patient.

A renal diabetic dietary chart specifies the type and amount of food that a patient should consume every day. A person suffering from renal diabetes should eat meals that contain the right amount of nutrients. The diets should have sufficient vegetables and leguminous fruits. Doctors also recommend a diet that has vegetables with low carbohydrate levels, such as celery and cucumbers. Foods rich in amino acids such as soybeans, red beans, eggs and lean meat are also beneficial. Food that reduces the level of sugar in the blood stream is very effective in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

It is also critical for a diabetes patient to maintain a proper body weight, as it helps in controlling blood fats (cholesterol) and lowering the blood pressure. A renal diabetic diet is designed to ensure that a diabetic does not gain weight.

People suffering from renal diabetes should avoid or eat very small quantities of any food that contains a high amount of cholesterol. They should also try to reduce their intake of fish, egg-yolks and fatty meats. The use of fat or oil in cooking should be restricted. They should only consume food products with low levels of potassium. Artichokes, beans, Brussels sprouts, lentils, lima beans pumpkin, squash, spinach, succotash and tomatoes are a few of the vegetables that are in a renal diabetic diet.

Renal diabetics can easily control their sugar level and lead normal lives by sticking to a renal diabetic diet.

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